Alarm Systems

Why Spend $$$ Paying Monitoring Companies When You can Monitor Your Alarm system On Your Smart Devices For FREE!!

Elite S 

Our Elite-S Series alarm systems are designed and manufactured in New Zealand to give you a flexible, user friendly environment and peace of mind. Whether you are away or at home, the Elite alarm will integrate with your home or bussiness to meet your security requirements.

Future Is Here !!!!

"Fibre to the Door" is rolling out nationwide, High speed internet is here now!!

Unleash the full potential of your Elite S system with the exciting new IP-Module.
Using the IP-Module and the direct connecting IP-Loom you can customise your Elite-S system to fit your lifestyle.

Use your smartphone or desktop PC as a virtual online terminal to :
  • ARM or Disarm your  alarm system. No need to rely on any invidual to arm your system, do it remotely for peace of mind.
  • View status of your Alarm system. Always know whether your alarm system is armed or not.
  • Get real time alarm notifications. As soon as any armed zone is breached , your alarm system will send a push notification to you smart device and let you know of which zone has been breached.
  • View recent events
  • the IP-Module will have you alarm system self-monitored by you through the internet for super fast and reliable communication. SAVE ON YOUR MONITORING STATION BILLS. 
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