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Security Awareness

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As many of you have seen on our News- channels, this year has been really traumatic for business owners especially Dairy and Gas station owners. Armed violent robberies and ram raids are becoming an increasing threat to businesses and as a result can cause an experience that is hard to forget or even end in death of you or your staff. We at Integrated Consulting Limited have taken the time to prepare a safety security bulletin for all business to benefit from.

Although you can never be fully prepared, you take steps to ensure that you are doing your best to keep out of harms way. Following are a few suggestion of being safe :
•    Keep only sufficient amount of cash in your till for daily operation.  Robbers go for cash as their main target
•    It is understood that tobacco is the second most stolen target in a robbery. Do not overstock your tobacco        cabinet. Remember if people see a full tobacco cabinet everytime, you become a high target.
•    Keep your security systems operating at optimum levels to get the best results out of them. I will give more details below.
•    Train and talk to your staff . It is very important to involve your staff in planning and training of possible situations if they may arise.
•    Last but not the least, have a safe place and have a strategy to get their quickly. If you or your staff find themselves in a troubling situation then exit to the closest safe place.

What to do if you are in a robbery situation

Being in an armed robbery is a very scary experience that no one should have to go through, but if it ever does happen to you it’s important to know what to do. On rare occassions, there have been people held who were able to scare off the robber. Others have used self-defense weapons to protect themselves.

If you have no way to protect yourself, the only choice you have is to cooperate with the armed robber. This infographic shows how to do just that. Most importantly, you have to remain calm and do everything the person demands you do. If you panic or rebel, you could put yourself in danger and get hurt, or even worse.

It’s also important to remember what the armed robber looks like and what he or she touches, so that you can inform the authorities once it’s all over. Not only will they be able to put together a drawing of the robber, but they can hopefully life fingerprints from the items touched.
1.    Stay calm and try not to panic
2.    Do not take risks. Avoid sudden movements and explain any overt actions you are about to make. An armed criminal can be unpredictable and/or ruthless.
3.    Do not ‘have a go’. Goods and cash can be replaced. Your LIFE and that of your colleagues and customers is paramount
4.    Do exactly as you are told
5.    Do not become involved. Avoid confrontational eye contact with the raider
6.    Walk away from the immediate area, but only if there are barriers between you and the offenders.

Security Systems

Since we are a total integrated security provider we would like to share some pro’s and con’s on available systems. This might help you on deciding on which products you can invest in to keep yourself safe.

Why this strategy is important

The importance of using security systems was seen during the Boston Marathon bombing and the subsequent search for those responsible. Within 24 hours, images of the bombers were plastered all over the news and social media. Because of this, they were brought to justice a few days later.
Every company needs to protect its employees and its products. The best way to do this is with a Security systems that criminals are aware of and cannot evade


Security Cameras in New Zealand

What is Digital HD CCTV?

Traditionally, video was recorded on old tape or analogue-based systems. With technology advancing, video is now recorded on a system similar to a DVD player. This allows the video to be stored on a surveillance hard drive, like those found in computers.

How do I view my business cameras from home?

Remote viewing is done by transmitting video feeds from the recorder over an Internet connection. Software installed on your PC, smartphone, laptop or tablet will create a secure connection to the DVR and allow you to view the video feeds being recorded. There is no monthly fee for this service; however data transmission charges from your provider will apply. Some configuration of your broadband router may also be required and we recommend having a static IP address set to your connection by your provider.

How many cameras should I install?

The total number of cameras can be kept to a minimum with a well-designed CCTV system and properly placed cameras. We can help you to ensure the most effective coverage and ideal location for each camera during installation.

How many days of video can be stored?

The number of days that can be stored depends on various factors such as the number of cameras, storage capacity and amount of motion that will be recorded. Selecting a recorder capable of supporting multiple large format hard drives is essential for maximum storage capacity.

How do I get video off my digital video recorder?

Our systems allow for various methods of backing up recordings to different media, including DVD/CD, USB memory or network connection.

What cameras should I use?

There are many cameras available for various situations and environments. Retail shops with artificial light may prefer the small, cost effective dome cameras. For areas that are exposed to high levels of varying light, an auto iris camera is recommended, as it has the ability to reduce the size of the camera iris depending on the light. In large retail areas or yards, a high speed PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) or an auto tracking camera is very effective, as it can be programmed to patrol a certain route or can be controlled remotely.

When are infared night cameras effective?

Infrared cameras are very effective for small areas that are not lit at night, for example the back door of a business. We do not recommend infrared cameras in all environments, for instance large unlit yards or driveways are inhospitable, as cars can blind the camera at night rendering it almost useless.

How is video evidence treated for legal purposes in NZ?

There is no specific legislation regarding CCTV video as evidence in New Zealand. All evidence presented in a New Zealand court of Law is treated the same;it is only forensically tested if there is doubt over the evidence. It is easier to determine if video has been tampered with than to tamper with it in the first place.

How can I apply for a CCTV Grant?

Simply apply online by filling out the form here.

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