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Learn more about our products, from the most cost-effective solutions to the latest technology in the industry. We offer Tribrid to IP based, HD digital CCTV systems for individuals and businesses all over New Zealand.

Integrated Consulting Ltd solutions are tailor made around each client's specific need. We are Security Surveillance specialists and ensure that we exceed all our clients' expectations. We have installed a wide range of systems for various Clients, from small Retail Systems to large corporate Fibre Optic based networks with monitored Video Walls. ICL has implemented many Digital CCTV Systems solutions throughout Northland and New Zealand.

Traditional Analouge CCTV

Traditional Analogue CCTV

Analogue CCTV technology has reached its limitation for image resolution and has begun to be phased out. As demand for this technology has reduced, so have the prices of analogue CCTV equipment. Analogue CCTV can be a low cost solution; however the lack of detail in the recordings will often reduce the usefulness of the images.
IP based CCTV cameras


IP (Internet Protocol) CCTV cameras connect to and communicate over an IP network in much the same way a PC will connect to the Internet. These cameras are able to record at a much higher resolution than analogue cameras, from 1MP pixels and above. They also can accommodate a wider angle lens to cover a larger area from a single camera. 4K Cameras that are able to record at 12MP and a full 360°.

There are limiting factors that affect IP cameras. Higher resolution cameras generate larger volumes of network traffic and data storage. These factors can dramatically limit the frame rate (number of images per second) the camera can generate. Processing time for the system to compress and transmit the data over the network can also result in a delay between the event and recording. This limitation predominantly affects the control of PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) when controlled by human operators.



HD-CVI (High Definition over Coax Video Interface) is a new technology designed to bridge the gap between low cost analogue systems and high performance IP systems. High Definition images are recorded by the camera and transmitted using 2-wire communication back to the recorder over common Coax cabling. This technology is excellent for upgrading older analogue systems without needing to replace the existing cabling with data networking cabling.

HD-CVI cameras do not suffer from the image delay that can be seen with IP CCTV systems. The resolution of images from HD-CVI cameras are currently limited from 1 to 3 MP.

ARGOS Vandal-Proof Varifocal Dome
Vandal-Proof VF Dome
Network Video Recorder
ARGOS - 2MP Full HD Network Water-Proof IR-Bullet Camera
Camera Control Keyboard
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